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Phoenix Financial Solutions provides complete Loan Servicing, from the beginning of the loan to the end of the loan.

YES!  You can establish recurring payments using your Visa, MasterCard, Discover debit or credit card, or ACH Withdrawal, using your checking or savings account, using our Recurring Billing program. In order to enroll, your account must be considered current. Call 419-342-2151 or 1-888-741-5936 to enroll today!

The payment website, www.paypfs.com will allow you to submit a payment using most major credit and debit cards or your checking or savings accounts. It also has the capability of providing you with information specific to your account including current amount due and a list of recent payments made through that system only. Through the registration process it will also allow you to keep your payment information on file through a virtual wallet. Finally, you can establish recurring payments as well.

We encourage you to use your payment book, which was provided to you at the beginning of your loan, to keep track of your payment due dates, grace period, and late fee amounts. However, if you are ever in need of your account balance, account number, next due date, payoff, etc., please call us at 419-342-2151 or 1-888-741-5936, Monday through Friday from 8am to 6pm-EST, and one of our customer service representatives will be happy to assist you. Don’t forget to ask them about our automatic withdraw program, “Recurring Billing.”

Most problems related to paying online are due to the funding account that you are trying to use (credit card or checking account) having insufficient funds to allow the transaction to process.

Please double check with your bank or credit card, to make sure you actually have enough funds available, for your car payment to process. Please remember, that you may not have enough funds available because you have other transactions that are in a “pending status.”

Also remember, that many prepaid debit cards actually charge a small usage fee for each transaction. This fee is being charged by the card issuer itself, not our agency.

Other problems could be related to your incorrect entry of a security code or expiration date.

Please call us at 419-342-2151 or 1-888-741-5936, if you are having any other problems making your payments, including accessing the payment website itself which is www.paypfs.com.

NO. “Bi-Weekly” literally means every two weeks, not twice a month. So if your first payment is due on a Friday, it will be due again two weeks from that Friday. Note: Because of the way the calendar falls, if you are a bi-weekly customer, you will actually have three payments due in one month, four months during the year. Please look ahead in your payment book to figure out, in advance, which months this will affect you, or give us a call at 419-342-2151 or 1-888-741-5936 and we can tell you.

A “Semi-Monthly” payment schedule is the same as twice a month, because the due dates will always fall on the same two days each month, such as the 1st and the 15th.

You can combine your weekly, bi-weekly or semi-monthly car payments and pay just once a month without being assessed late fees as long as the payment is remitted on or before the grace period of the first payment due that month.  However, for those customers that have a Bi-Weekly payment schedule, please remember that four times a year, you actually have three payments due in one month. Please review your payment book in advance, to determine which months those are.

NOTE: Bi-Weekly is not the same as Semi-Monthly; Semi-Monthly is literally two payments a month, while Bi-Weekly is every other week.
Please refer to your contract to determine which payment schedule you are contracted for.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 419-342-2151 or 1-888-741-5936.

NO: You will not receive a mailed receipt if you are current in your payments.

If you make your payment in person you will receive a receipt. You will also be mailed a receipt if after you remit your payment, regardless of method, you have a remaining balance that is considered delinquent. This receipt is only mailed as a courtesy so that you can be aware that you are late in your payments, especially if they are outside of a grace period. Please refer to your payment book for information about your grace period as well as the  late fee that will be assessed if  you pay outside of that grace period.

Further, if you make your payments online or over the phone, you will be given a Confirmation # for that particular payment. This number can be written in your payment book and we can access this number at a later time if there was any problem with the payment itself.

Yes, but we only report on the customers of dealers that have chosen to have us provide this additional service for them. Further, some dealers are not able to have us report for them, due to account limit restrictions that the credit reporting agencies themselves, impose. Normally, the credit reporting agencies require creditors (dealers in this case) to report on a minimum of 500 accounts. Many of the smaller dealers we service loans for, simply do not meet this threshold.

For any dealer that we currently report for, we either report to Equifax, TransUnion, or possibly both depending on where you purchased your vehicle. Because we aren’t actually financing the loan, the entry will appear under the dealership’s name, not Phoenix Financial Solutions. If  you want to know if  we report to any bureaus the dealership from where you purchased your vehicle, please call us at 1-888-741-5936. If we do not, and your account is in good standing, we would be happy to provide you with a letter stating such, including  your payment history if necessary, to any entity that you are attempting to obtain credit from. Please request this service by calling 1-888-741-5936.

CREDIT REPORT ERRORS: If you believe that something is being reported in error, you can call one of our customer service representatives at 419-342-2151 to discuss your account, or you can email us at customerservice@phoenixcompanies.biz.

We also recommend that you dispute the item directly with that particular credit reporting agency. They will then contact us or the dealership directly and the findings will be reported to the agency making the inquiry.

Please contact Equifax directly at:
PO Box 7404256
Atlanta, GA 30374
or follow this link

Please contact TransUnion directly at:
or follow this link

The dealerships handle all of their own title work and per Ohio Law they have 30 days to mail the title to you. They will mail the title to the address that is on the account; if your address has changed since the time of purchase or if you wish to have the title mailed to a different address, please notify Phoenix Financial Solutions at the time of payoff.

If you prefer to pick up your title, or absolutely must have the title earlier than the 30 days, you must contact the dealership directly to make those arrangements. Remitting your payoff in the form of cash, certified funds or credit card will increase the likelihood that you will be able to receive your title sooner than the 30-day time frame, if you so request. However, Phoenix Financial Solutions, Inc. makes no guarantee that the dealer will be able to accommodate your request.

If you do not receive your title within 30 days, please call the dealership directly and speak to their Title Department. If you still do not receive your title when expected, please call us and we will contact our client directly.

Full coverage insurance is a requirement of your contract because the dealership is the lienholder on the car. Full coverage protects you because the insurance carrier will pay the dealership if you are in an accident that is determined to be your fault, or if your car is stolen.

Failing to have full coverage insurance, or failing to carry insurance at all is a violation of the terms of your contract. Therefore, you will be considered in default and at risk for repossession if you do either of the above.

If you are in an accident and you did not have insurance or were not fully insured at the time of the accident, you will be held financially responsible for the balance remaining on the loan. You will also be held financially responsible for any amount that may remain if your insurance carrier does not pay the full amount still owed on the loan at the time of your accident. Please call a customer service agent at 419-342-2151 to discuss this matter if you need further clarification.

No. We are not a finance company. We act as an agent for our dealership partners and service the loans, but we do not finance the cars themselves. The dealership where you purchased your vehicle is the legal lienholder on your vehicle.

If you would like to know if a particular dealership that you are interested in purchasing from is one of our dealer partners, please call us. If they aren’t, suggest to the dealership that they contact us to find out how they can become one of our clients.

You have 20 calendar days, based on Ohio Law, from the date of repossession to reclaim your vehicle and reinstate the contract, as long as only one repossession order has been issued during the term of your contract. If this is your second repossession in most cases, you must pay the vehicle off in full to reclaim. However, there may be exceptions to that general rule based on the amount owed and your specific circumstance. Call 419-342-2151 to discuss your specific situation.

Your vehicle is not stored at our office location. Therefore, you must contact us at least 24 hours in advance to set an appointment to reclaim your car. Depending on your location, your vehicle may need to be reclaimed at our office, the repossession agent’s lot, or an auction house. Further, you cannot reclaim your vehicle after office hours or on weekends or holidays.

In order to reclaim you may be required to pay all of your past due payments, two additional installments, as well as $25.00 of any repossession and related fees that were assessed. The remainder of those fees will be added to the time balance of your loan and therefore a new payment book will be issued to you.

If you do not reinstate your contract, the vehicle will be sold at public auction. If you still wish to reclaim you may still do so, but no later than 24 hours from the date and time of the auction by paying the entire balance left on the loan, including any applicable fees. You must notify us of your wish to reclaim, at least three business days in advance of the auction, as your vehicle will already be at the Auction House. Additional Fees may be assessed at this time from the Auction House itself.

After your car is sold, additional fees related to the auctioning of the vehicle will be added to the total amount you owe. If an amount is still owed on your contract after the vehicle is sold, you are still legally responsible for that obligation and you will be given the opportunity to establish voluntary payment arrangements for the remaining balance. Failure to establish voluntary payments may result in further collection activity up to and including any legal remedies available.

You have 20 calendar days from the date of repossession to reclaim your personal belongings from the repossession agency*. You must take a current picture ID with you at the time of reclaiming. You may authorize with us, in advance, another party to reclaim your belongings, but they will still be required to show a current Picture ID to the repossession agency.

You must contact us at least 24 hours in advance of when you plan on reclaiming your belongings so that we can make arrangements with the repossession agent to release them.

*Belongings will only be released by Phoenix Financial Solutions (if we are in possession of them,) or by the repossession agent themselves, with the prior authorization of our agency.

*Belongings will only be released during the normal office hours of the party that is actually holding them.

*If you do not ask for these items back within the 20 days, the party holding them may dispose of them as the law allows.

*Personal Belongings do not include any attached accessories, equipment and replacement parts.

You will be notified by mail regarding the sale result of the auction. Please note that additional fees related to the sale of the car at auction, will be added to the total amount owed on the contract. If a balance remains you will be given the opportunity to establish a voluntary payment arrangement. If the vehicle sells for more than what you owe, a “Sale Result” letter will be forwarded to you by certified mail and a refund will be included for any overage.

The interest rate stipulated on your contract will be the same interest rate used for this payment arrangement. If you do not voluntarily pay, our clients will be given the option of pursuing their claim through litigation. The account will remain with this office, through the litigation process, and at that time, the debt will be legally assigned to Phoenix Financial Solutions, Inc.








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Please contact Phoenix Financial Solutions directly with questions about your payments or car loan. The dealership cannot answer any questions about your contract nor can they accept any payments.